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Quicker Saturday Recap

The higher seed won every game tonight. Ho hum.

That said, there was still a controversially call in Denver that kept that game from going to overtime. Once again, all the cameras in the world can't save WCHA officials from their own incomptence.

St. Cloud continued their incredible inability to score, missing some crucial open nets against CC.

Western Michigan extended Miami to overtime before losing. I'm glad Western's season is over. They made my head hurt trying to figure them out this year.

Northern Michigan continued to roll by sweeping Nebraska-Omaha. It turns out the big advantage in Northern getting the 4th seed wasn't the first round bye so much as it was home ice in the second round. The loss knocks UNO to the bubble. They're in serious danger of not making the NCAA tournament. I never would have guessed that a month ago.

Alaska-Fairbanks and Minnesota State both need to regroup in their upset bids after losing tonight. I expect both to come out and play hard on Sunday.