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NTDP Tryouts

Chris Heisenberg did an excellent job piecing together some names that will attend the NTDP tryout in Ann Arbor this weekend.

In addition to those names, there were a couple good players left off the list. Three of the biggest surprises were Austin Handley, who had committed to Michigan State, Kevin Bodker, who spent a little time in the USHL this season, and Brett Kostolansky of Shattuck-St. Mary's.

There's a couple names off that list that I think you can pencil in for next year. I've seen reports of Brock Montpetit, David Wohlberg, and Justin Florek already agreeing to play with the team next year.

After that, I think the following forwards have a pretty good chance of making it: Robbie Czarnik, A.J. Jenks, Sean Logue, Mike Cichy, Kevin McCarey, Ben Hanowski, Jordan Schroeder, Vinny Saponari, and Max Cook. That's 9 forwards, with 6 of them from the West.

On defense, I think Joey Marciano, Steve West, and Ian Ruel all look like pretty safe bets.

In goal, I think Mike Clemente will make it. I'm not sure who the other goalie will be.

It's also been rumored that there will be a lot players who played junior hockey in Canada, but have dual-citizenship, like Michigan forward Jason Bailey, or U17 player Colin Wilson. It will be interesting to see the reaction if a lot of kids that grew up over the border start taking up a bunch of NTDP spots.

Overall, I think this is a pretty solid group for the NTDP program. This years class is heavily tilted towards the Midwest. I also think there's a few more high end talents in this class than there have been in the previous two classes.