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NCAA Tournament Pick'em Contest

I'm in a particularly jovial mood this week, and feel like my Excel skills could use some work, so I've decided to have my own NCAA Tournament Pick'em Contest.

The rules are pretty simple. One entry per person. All entries must be emailed to me at before the first game starts.

The scoring a little different than most tournament pick'em contests. Instead of getting a set amount of points for each correct pick per round, for each correct pick, you get the number of points of the seed of your team. For example, if you pick Minnesota to beat Holy Cross and they do, you get one point because Minnesota is the first seed. If you pick Holy Cross to win and they do, you get four points because Holy Cross is the fourth seed.

Here's a link to the bracket:

Please note that the winner of the Midwest bracket meets the winner of the East bracket in the semifinals and the West bracket winner meets the Northeast bracket winner.

Hopefully we get a few entrants in this. The winner will be showered with eternal fame and glory. Best of luck.