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Mankato Players in Trouble

There was a lot of speculation about why some players for Minnesota State Mankato were conspicuously missing from the team's final two weekend series. The rumors about what they did to earn those suspensions ranged from not that serious to allegations of felonies being committed.

The Mankato Free Press finally released all the names of the players involved and what exactly they were accused of doing.

As far as the players involved, Brock Becker and Christian Toll's careers at Mankato are done either way since they were seniors. Shane McCormick probably wasn't going to playing regarless. Brian Kilburg didn't miss any time, so I'm guessing he wasn't as involved as the others. Blake Friesen was also practicing with the team, so he probably wasn't as involved. That just leaves Austin Sutter's future with the team up in the air.

There are pretty strong rumors going around Mankato that after investigation, the police aren't going to press any charges, so perhaps the accusation is worse than the truth. If that's the case, the five game suspension is suitable for the dabbling in illicit substances and things can return to normal next season. It should be interesting to see how the rest of the story plays out.