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This is definitely the busiest time of the year for college hockey and there's a lot of interesting stuff out there.

Clarkson Hockey Fans had an excellent post about the ridiculous cost of attending NCAA regionals. There's really no reason for tickets to be that expensive. Not only does it hurt the growth of the game, but what's the purpose of having collegiate sports if you're going to price most college students out of attending these events?

I'm feeling foolish for not having linke Runnin' with the Dogs earlier in the season. There's some good stuff over there. First off, there's a creative
Final Five recap. Followed by the, I can't believe I'm actually going to link to this, All-WCHA-Hottie team, if you're into that sort of thing. While I can neither confirm nor deny any of the picks, I will endorse the selections just because it's one of the few times you'll see three Minnesota State Mavericks get named to an all-whatever team. Finally, there was a post about the Hobey Baker Finalists. Kind of boring, but the headline made me laugh.

If you're looking for NCAA tournament coverage, you read about the games this weekend from the perspective of Colorado College, Wisconsin, and Michigan

Goon's World even previews the imminent North Dakota/Minnesota match-up. Normally the gods would punish this sort of foolishness, but he's probably right.