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Runnin' with the Dogs had an excellent post about a trip to last Friday's UMD/Minnesota game. I still think Lewis Carroll is creepy, but the story about the game was far more entertaining the actual game itself.

CC Hockey is on top of things with a CC/St. Cloud preview.

I forgot to add this to the last Linkorama, but check out this Alexander Ovechkin highlight video. I started referring to Ovechkin with a string of expletives after his World Juniors shenanigans, but I may have to consider adding the word talented before those expletives.

Wisconsin and Minnesota
both have some guys that will be exhausting their eligiblity soon, and are given a fitting tribute. Both teams also registered a pair of sweeps this past weekend.

The UAA Hockey Fan Blog handed out a couple post-season awards. Gotta say I agree with him on the MVP pick, which is a shame.

The season is over in Lakerville. It's kind of a shame. I was hoping to see LSSU back in the NCAA tournament.

I got props on the Clarkson Hockey Fan Blog. I have no idea what the Commissioner's Cup is, but I'll show up at the party. Especially if there's cake and punch.