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In the Interest of Fairness...

I had previously discussed some pretty serious allegations against some Mankato hockey players.

The Mankato Free Press recently published the players side of the story. Unfortunately, the article only made the print edition and not online, so no link.

First and foremost, Brian Kilburg, who was named in the original article about the search warrant, and had his picture shown on local the news, wasn't even involved. He wasn't present at the house on the night of the incident, and was never even questioned by police about the incident. It's a mystery how his name got put into the article other than a journalistic oversight. He's officially the Richard Jewell of college hockey.

As for the rest of the players, Austin Sutter was given a lie detector test about whether or not he had sexual contact with the girl in question and apparently passed. Polygraph tests like that aren't usually legally binding, but I guess it doesn't hurt his case.

Sutter stated that no drugs were used, and that all they did was watch the Olympics, play guitar, listen to music, and then fall asleep.

All that was missing from Sutter's story was the part him going to call his mother to let her know he was home safe while on his way to the kitchen to pick up cookies and juice boxes.

The truth in this matter probably lies somewhere in the middle of the two sides of the story. It's impossible to say how this story will play out, but given the evidence the police were able to attain, they should be able to figure out with reasonable certainty what went on. From what I can tell, it sounds like the original accusation isn't going to be able to hold enough water for the players to face any serious charges.