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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

Well, when you're right 53% of the time, that means you're wrong 47% of the time. I guess I probably should have told you that before you went and bet your life savings based on my fearless predictions last week.

That said, I didn't do too badly. I picked the winners of 20 games last week and was correct in 14 of them.

I went three for four with the CCHA playoffs, correctly picking the upset of Alaska-Fairbanks beating Notre Dame in a defensive struggle. Of course there was the pick I was the most confident in:
"I don’t expect LSSU’s dominance over Western to change and for the Lakers to sweep easily."


I was a much less impressive 11-5 in picking the high school sectional winners. It always helps to pick the higher seed in 11 of the 16 games, though it seems I got a little too upset happy as Eagan, Grand Rapids, Hermantown, and Thief River Falls prevailed. We've got a tie for outstanding idiocy in the high school category:

"Minnetonka crushed second seed Eden Prarie, but I think Bloomington Jefferson is an excellent team. I think Bloomington Jefferson will win."
I guess they were called wild-ass guesses for a reason.

"I think CEC will get great goaltending again from Reid Ellingson and advance out of the regional."
Ellingson made 13 saves and let in 4 goals as C-E-C lost to Grand Rapids. You'll have better days in the future, Reid.

All in all, I think I avoided embarassing myself, which has always been one of my goals in life. I doubt I'll get predictions up for the 8 state quarterfinal games, partially due to time, partially due to fear of really embarassing myself. Hopefully I'll predict the WCHA and CCHA playoff series thouh as a means of previewing them.