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Gopher Hockey Being Investigated By Police

Fox 9 News put the Gopher hockey program back in the news again, this time reporting that police acquired a search warrant to investigate the Gophers taking recruits to Blarney's Pub.

The news report mentions the footage they showed earlier of a 17 year old recruit(hint: his name rhymes with Shmike Shmorney"), who didn't drink that night, and actually ended up driving his host home that. There were other recruits there that night that did get pretty hammered though.

The police are investigating records of who has visited Minnesota and who their hosts were. They are also investigating free ticket lists to see who was giving free tickets to Blarney's owner Mike Mulrooney.

The situation may take years to resolve, but the involvement of the police is probably not good news for Minnesota. The NCAA probably would have been willing to brush the situation off, but if the police uncover something, the NCAA will be forced to take action.