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Bonus Linkorama

Quick addendum for stuff that didn't make it on the last post:

I chime in on college hockey's APR success.

The Gopher Puck Blog is on top of the Star-Tribune's All-Metro hockey teams. It's pretty hard to argue with any of their picks.

A couple new blogs made the Blogs I Read list. The first is obviously my other blog. Just it's not a senseless self-promotion, I'll add that if any aspiring writers write something and they'd like me to post, I'd be happy to. The good news is that you don't have to feel intimidated since I think I've set the bar pretty low.

The Detroit Blog is a pretty interesting look at the Detroit and the city's history.

The Double A Zone is the NCAA's official blog(not to be confused with the Double D Zone, which is a different kind of website altogether). I found it pretty interesting though. There's a weekly conversation with NCAA president Myles Brand. One feature I also found extremely helpful is that posts are archived by topic, for easy searching.