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Wisconsin High School Hockey Craziness

About a week ago, I talked about Eau Claire North's illegal player scandal, in which one of their players was declared ineligible because his permanent address wasn't within the city of Eau Claire.

Eau Claire North had to forfeit all their wins, but still had the opportunity to compete for a state title, and the player in question got things straightened out and returned to play for Eau Claire North.

The plot thickened this week though when a player from ECN's rival Eau Claire Memorial had a player of their own declared ineligible. The ECM player in question was using the address of his mother's tanning shop so he could play for ECM instead of playing for a high school outside the city. So ECM will also have to forfeit all of their victories, and the player won't be allowed to play for ECM again.

Eau Claire North and Eau Claire Memorial are two of the best teams in the states and are seeded number 1 and 2 in their sectional. There's the definite possibility of them meeting in the state playoffs. If they were to meet, there has been discussion of hiring extra security to keep the fans apart, or taking the European soccer method of playing the game behind closed doors and not letting any fans watch.

I know Minnesotans love to hype their own state hockey tournament, but I'm sorry, nothing compares to this. Yeah, yeah, I know, decline of civilization and all, but this is just a hilarious saga that is playing out.