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Weekend Previi

Nebraska-Omaha goes to Northern Michigan.

Anchorage has the week off, so the UAA Hockey Fan Blog had some time to dwell on the St. Cloud series. Apparently he accused St. Cloud of employing the t-word *screams of horror*. The Huskies probably don't play a true trap, but I'm sure they often employ some form of it. And why wouldn't they? They've got an amazing goalie, a solid defense, and a bunch of so-so forwards. That's the style that best fits their team. You'd think St. Cloud fans would have learned from Minnesota fans by now. As long as you're winning, you can behave in any way you want and you don't have to apologize for a thing.

For the record though, there's nothing wrong with playing a trap, even if it makes for some ugly hockey. I also don't think SCSU will be playing that way for long. Bob Motzko is bringing in smaller, faster players that will play a more up-tempo style. And finally, for Drop the Puck, if you want to take a shot at St. Cloud fans, I strongly recommend obscure literary references.

Lake Superior meets Michigan for the first time this season.

Bruce Ciskie mentions that hockey game being played on the, uh.....normal tundra of Lambeau Field.

If you want info on any of the other games being played this weekend, check out College Hockey News' Weekend Schedule. They let you compare statistics between the two teams playing each other. Here's an example for this weekend's Minnesota State/Denver match-up.