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Super Crazy No Way Stats

Who is leading the CCHA in freshmen conference scoring?

If you said Erik Condra of Notre Dame, you're lying. There's no way you said that. But alas, he really is!

How did this happen? Notre Dame's shockingly awesome powerplay. Notre Dame leads the CCHA in powerplay percentage at 20.6%. They also have the top three players in power play points.

So far through 26 league games, Minnesota State Mankato has scored 27 powerplay goals, and allowed 27 powerplay goals. They've scored 3 shorthanded goals, and allowed 3 shorthanded goals. Creepy.

What's the difference between first place in the CCHA and last place in the CCHA? Miami has outscored opponents in the third period in league play by a more than 2:1 ratio (33gf/15ga), while Western Michigan has been outscored by a more than 2:1 ratio in the third period in conference play (18gf/37ga).

This was probably more well known but while Ryan Potulny and Brett Sterling receive media coverage for their prodigiuos goal-scoring, the WCHA leader in scoring in conference play is All Underrated Team member Ryan Dingle.

The top three in assists in WCHA conference play, Matt Carle, Paul Statsny, and Joe Pavelski are also the top three in the league in power play points.