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Seen on the Internets

The Blog That Yost Built was pissed and also-pissed with Michigan's performance against Ohio State this weekend.

The GopherBlog is *GASP* defensive about the Gophers strength of schedule.

The Northern Michigan/Wayne State series didn't get a lot of play here, mainly because it was just way too much green and gold for my sensibilities, but the NMU Hockey Blog recapped
Northern's unimpressive but functional sweep of the Warriors.

North Dakota Goon's blog took umbrage with a weekend preview written by Kevin Allenspach, and to his credit, Allenspach replied with an honest and congenial response.

The sky isn't quite falling yet for the Wisconsin Hockey Blog, who says it's not over yet for the Badgers.

It may have taken me four guesses to name a Clarkson hockey player(to be fair, guess number 3 was a former Golden Knight), but I still enjoy reading the Clarkson Hockey Fan Blog.

Denver is working hard to make sure Matt Carle gets a shot at the Hobey Baker this year, by creating. The site is pretty well done.