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Recruiting Update

Chris Heisenberg had another extremely informative post on his blog. He references Hill-Murray forward Nick Larson narrowing his choicese to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Boston U, and Boston College. That news came from a report a couple weeks ago and was already noted on the 2007 Recruiting Board. I also moved Larson way up on the list. If I had to guess though, and this is complete speculation, but I'd guess Boston University just because they don't have any forwards committed for 2007.

There's also a link to an article in a local Illinois paper about Cary, Illinois native and 2007 Recruiting Board prospect Ryan Schnell. The article says his college choices are Wisconsin, Brown, and Miami. Miami is definitely an up-and-coming program, but Wisconsin is going to be very good in the future and they could use a hard hitter like Schnell to go with all of their skilled forwards.

I had mentioned previously that USHL goalie Alex Kangas was having a great year, but wanted to play college hockey next season instead of waiting until 2007. It seems like Kangas has reconsidered though. He recently visited North Dakota and will be visiting Minnesota soon. I have a very strong feeling that Kangas will commit to the Gophers for 2007 to replace Kellen Briggs.

Miami got a commitment from Dane Hetland of the EJHL, and Northern Michigan got a commitment from Phil Fox, who is playing for Fargo-Moorhead of the NAHL. Your guess is as good as mine on thise one.