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Newsworthy Stuff

I'm way behind on most of this stuff, but I figured I'd talk about it anyway.

Scott Owens is going to be at Colorado College for a long freaking time.

Owens has built a solid program at Colorado College, but I think questions also have to be asked about Owens lack of success in the NCAA tournament. Colorado College has had some great teams over the past couple years, and only have one Frozen Four appearance to show for it.

There were also some grumblings from Colorado College fans recently over Owens lack of fire behind the bench. Owens goes out of his way to not be a yeller and get into the face of his players, and some fans felt that was what the team needed during their recent cold streak.

I really like Owens though and think he's a very good coach. I think his more laid-back style is perfect for a school like Colorado College. I think it's just a matter of time before Colorado College breaks through in the NCAA tournament.

Boston College has agreed to play a game at Fenway Park next season. The even will likely feature Boston College, Boston University, and two teams from out west. Michigan and Michigan State are two potential teams that will play out there, to which I boldly say, "whatever".

Let's be honest. If ESPN was headquartered in Bristol, Indiana rather than Bristol, Connecticut, we wouldn't get any of this Fenway Park Red Sox Nation stuff jammed down our throat constantly. Don't get me wrong, Fenway is a nice, historic park, but it's become severly overrated in recent years.

That said, if Michigan and Michigan State want to play a game in a baseball stadium, I would absolutely love to see them play a game in old Tiger Stadium. The beautiful old stadium is just sitting around slowly decaying to nothingness. I think it would be magical to get The Corner rocking again.

Minnesota goalie Jeff Frazee is being left to hang out at Blarney's this weekend while the Gophers travel to Houghton. It seems Frazee was left home for academic reasons. Frazee was expected to have taken over the starter role for the Gophers by this point in the season, but he's had a tough time adjusting to college hockey and some Gopher fans have questioned Frazee's attitude.

Finally, because we get a lot of Canadian fans and newer fans who may not be as familiar with how the NCAA tournament works, College Hockey News put together a great NCAA tournament primer that gives you all the basics of what you need to know for the college hockey playoffs.