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The Modern Day Miracle

Since the Olympics have officially started, I thought it would be the appropriate time to honor one of the sports greatest moments; the Miracle on Ice.

There's not much left to say about the US' amazing victory over the Soviet Red Army team, so I thought the best way to appreciate them was to show just how impossible their task was. In 1980, a group of some of the most talented US college hockey players took down the best team in the world.

What would it look like if that were to happen today? I've assembled a team of what I think are the best US-born amateur players. Here they are:

Phil Kessel Scott Parse Robbie Earl
Brett Sterling Marty Sertich Ryan Potulny
Bill Thomas Chris Collins Drew Stafford
David Backes Dan Irmen Greg Moore

Matt Carle Andy Greene
Jack Johnson Casey Borer
Reid Cashman Matt Hunwick

Bobby Goepfert
Dave Caruso

It's a good team to be sure, but imagine them going up against, and beating Team Canada. In my mind, that's what makes the Miracle on Ice one of sports most unfathomable upsets.