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Minnesota High School Update

We'll start with some computer rankings for all the high school hockey teams in the state of Minnesota. The Ciskie Blog had some fabulous links to Lee Pagenkopf's and Mitch Hawker's computer rankings.

Both are in agreement that Holy Angels in the top school and have the same five teams in the top five. In my non-scientific view from afar, I like Mitch's top five ordering of Holy Angels, Hill-Murray, Cretin-Derham Hall, Bloomington Jefferson, and Duluth East a little better than Lee's, but I wouldn't have a hard time being convinced otherwise.

Some dedicated fan put together a listing of the top scorers in the state of Minnesota.

The two leading scorers in the state come from small towns near the Wisconsin border. After that, you get some more familiar names. One interesting note is that there are four sophomores in the top ten in scoring. The only two freshmen on the list are recruiting board prospects Jordan Schroeder and Ben Hanowski. There's definitely some great young talent in the state.

The GopherBlog talks about the 10 Finalists for Minnesota Mr. Hockey. For once, I actually agree with the Gopher Blog. I'd love see Andy Sackrison of St. Louis Park win the award for his outstanding season, but the winner will more than likely be Jay Barriball of Holy Angels. Barriball has had a great year on the best team in the state while playing against great competition.