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This probably shouldn't go on Dave Poulin's resume. Basically, Jeff Jackson is way better than the old guy at Notre Dame.

Speaking of coaches, Clarkson Hockey Fans sat down with Clarkson coach George Roll. Why is an Eastern school the second link mentioned? CHF is just that good.

The Blog that Yost Built gives an honest analysis of Michigan with 5 reasons to panic and 5 reasons not to panic. At this point, the 5 reasons to panic beat the tar out of the five reasons not to panic, but part of me still believes in Michigan's mystique and think they can pull it together for the postseason. Then again, that part of me has only seen Jack Johnson back when he was good.

Voting is generally for suckers, but if you live in the Duluth area, remember to vote for a new arena on Tuesday.

This is last week's news, but Let's Go DU fired their opening salvo for DU/CC week, and followed it up with an old classic.

The WCHA announced their first ever recipients for the Scholar-Athlete Award. It's basically guys with a GPA of 3.5-4.0. Denver led the way with 6 recipients, followed by Minnesota State with 5. Anchorage, Duluth, and Wisconsin were apparently shut out.

This even less newsworthy than the DQ Cup, but Jeff Jakaitis won the Perani Cup.

Happy Fun Time is officially over in Bucky Land.