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Don't ask me why, but ESPN put together a lengthy piece on the Michigan hockey program.

The article was a great fluff piece on what a tremendous program Michigan has been the past 15 years when 27 paragraphs into the story, this comes up:

"Keep in mind that the Wolverines haven't lost their first NCAA game since 1994,.."

Dammit. Thanks for making me cry, ESPN. As Oscar Wilde would say, at least a true friend stabs you with the lead.

In other Wolverine news, had an article on three of Edmonton's draft picks last season that will be heading to college next year. They were Denver recruit Matt Glasser, North Dakota recruit Chris Vande Velde, and former Minnesota high school star Robby Dee.

The most interesting part of the article came in the last quote when Oilers scout Chris McCarthy said(emphasis mine):

"We’ve got four and a half years to wait for these guys, we’re in no rush with these kids. We’ll let them grow and develop and turn into players, there’s no urgency to sign them which is great because there’s no pressure thanks to Schremp and Cogliano, Pouliot and those types of guys coming up right away."

It looks like Michigan fans can count on Andrew Cogliano's stay in Ann Arbor being a short one, since it seems like the Oilers are really counting on him to play for them soon.

Cogliano has quieted down in the second half of the season. He only has 6 points in 13 games since returning from the World Juniors, with 3 of those points coming in one game, and 2 coming in another. The Oilers will likely pay more attention to his impressive World Junior tournament and great World Junior tryout camp where he was one of the best forwards, and make an aggressive push to get him signed this summer.

Brian Elliott is practicing with the Badgers again after strainging his knee last month. Elliott could play this weekend against Michigan Tech, but he might be held out as a precaution. I think that's probably the right choice. It's going to be hard for him to perform in a game without worrying, at least in the back of his mind, about his injury. I wouldn't start him this weekend, but if the opportunity presented itself, I would try to get him into a game this weekend just so he can get the feel of being back in game action.

If you're interested in taking a three sentence roller coaster ride, check out this news report on Union suspending two freshmen players. They're suspended for something, but their coach thinks they're great citizens and should be captains some day, but one of them is second in the country in penalty minutes.(I wonder who number one is?) I'm a little winded from taking that journey.

On a more random note, I got linked on the
Prairie Progressive Blog. As a strong advocate of public ownership of the railroads, I highly endorse this blog.