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You Can Thank Me Later, North Dakota

In honor of Southeastern Oklahoma State's decision to change their school's nickname from the Savages to the Savage Storm, I thought I could help out a certain college program that is having a bit of difficulty with their name.

Incidentally, nice choice on the new nickname, SOSU. That name is going to go over great until the next tornado kills someone in the area, which according to the WCH Doppler 9000 radar, is scheduled for next Tuesday.

But I still like the Southeastern Oklahoma State model of just adding something to your currently offensive name. The question is, how do we apply this methodology to North Dakota? Many names were carefully considered. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Siouxsan Sarandon. Campbell's Chunky Siouxp(the school could probably use the endorsement dollars). The Siouxer Rats. But, after thinking about the Scandinavian heritage of the upper Midwest, I think only one name was truly appropriate:

The University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Johansens.

Who could possibly be offended by late night cable televisions answer to Dr. Ruth?Plus, finally somebody might give Denver a run for their money in the ugliest logo competition. I think it's the perfect nickname for the school.