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WCH's Quote of the Week: Sit Down and Shut Up

What exactly is the point of handing out a weekly award on a monthly basis? I don't know. I guess it makes the award all that more honorable/dubious since you've really gotta grab my attention to get it.

Anyway, the runaway winner for this week happens to be North Dakota athletic director Tom Buning.

North Dakota's Ralph Englestad Arena is a beautiful arena. So beautiful, in fact, it is almost like a church, which is exactly what Buning wants apparently. While addressing a group of students at a meeting this week, Buning dropped this quote about student behavior at games:

"I'd like to say I don't want to hear words here that I wouldn't hear in church, but I'd be naive," Buning said."

To be fair, I've heard that Buning does attend St. Alban's Church of the Holy Sieve, so the students do have at least a little leeway.

This is the downside of building a huge, privately-owned arena for your team. When some of the higher paying parisioners complain, they usually get their way. That's why North Dakota students will be banned from being able to stand while the puck is in play. It's a shame when college hockey stops being about the students.

The most likely solution is that the students at North Dakota will get moved to the end of the arena, rather than their current seats along the sideline. They shouldn't be punished like that for being devoted fans, but that's usually the way things work when money becomes the main goal of a program.