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Recruiting News

Cheer up, Minnesota-Duluth fans. The season is almost over, and at least the future isn't looking so bad. The Bulldogs picked up two nice commitments recently that should really help their future.

The first is Bonnyville(AJHL) forward Justin Fontaine, who was listed as the 5th best availabe forward prospect for 2007. In sticking with the recent Rivals/ star theme, I'd say he's a solid 4 star player.

The other player they picked up is Roseville High School forward Mike Dorr. Dorr will either join the Bulldogs in 2007 after he graduates, or spend a year in the USHL before joining them. A year in the USHL probably wouldn't hurt him. Dorr is a talented player that works hard and should be a nice addition to the Bulldogs in the future.

Finally, Chad Morin, a defenseman playing for Sioux City in the USHL has committed to Harvard. As a 15 year old defenseman playing for the NTDP, Morin was considered one of the top prospects in his age group. The hype around him has cooled considerably over the past two years or so. Morin didn't really consider many western schools, so losing him to the east isn't that big of surprise. The interesting thing though, is that Morin's younger brother Jeremy is considered to be one of the best forwards in his age group. This past summer, after dominating the Select 14 Festival, Jeremy mentioned an interest in various top schools including Michigan, Minnesota, and Denver in the west, as well as some eastern schools, including Harvard. Jeremy has tried to seperate himself from his brother, saying they play different positions and are different people, but it remains to be seen how much Chad's college choice will affect Jeremy's decisions in the future.