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The Official Blog of O.P.P.

So if you've reading the comments section here lately, you probably think this is the official blog for anonymously ripping on 15 year old kids, and by extension, their parents. If so, you're only half right.

Apparently we've also become the official blog of hockey player girlfriends. Over the course of the past week, people have stumbled upon our site after searching for the following terms.

Dan Bertram + girlfriend
Danny Fritsche + girlfriend
Mike Komisarek + girlfriend

Just for the record: THERE ARE NO PICTURES OF PLAYERS GIRLFRIENDS HERE. Although I do remember hearing rumors and several confirmations from Michigan fans that Mike Komisarek's girlfriend could have been a model.

And if you weren't creeped out enough, the Tim Tebow Shirtless Revolution hit our blog yet again. At least the idea of some 17 year old girl(or 38 year old man) in Milton, Florida who has probably never seen ice in her life stumbling across our beautiful site searching for shirtless picture of a high schooler is mildly amusing.

This whole Tim Tebow shirtless thing is starting to become Titanic all over again. Normally I'd have no desire to see such a thing because I'm not really, well, like that. But now I have a morbid curiousity just to see what all the fuss is about.