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Michigan vs. Michigan State Recap

I guess there's not too much to say about the game. Michigan State had a pretty impressive 2-0 win at home. MGoBlog covered the carnage with the all the optimism of the Sylvia Plath.

The big controversy from the game is the bogus game disqualification given to Jack Johnson at the end of the game. was on top of things with a video of the hit.

If you watch it, you'll notice that Johnson stops striding from the top of the circle to the boards, he keeps his elbows down, and delivers a solid shoulder to shoulder to check. Howells gets cut as he's falling and Chad Kolarik pulls his helmet up a little.

Referee Steve McInchak really didn't need to call a penalty at all on that hit, let alone a game DQ. It probably would have been called that way for anyone but Jack Johnson, but with JJ's reputation, he's bound to pick up some of those calls.