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Gagner Going to Wisconsin

Sorry, Wisconsin Hockey Blog, it looks like I'm taking over as the official supplier of Wisconsin hockey news. is saying that Sam Gagner, who is arguably the best player in the 2007 recruiting class, has committed to Wisconsin.

Gagner's performance in the USHL this season has been bordering on ridiculous. He is leading his Sioux City team with 29 points, and his 21 assists ties him for third in the league. Recently, he was named to the USHL's All-Star Prospects game. That would be good for any player, but no one Gagner's age has ever scored more than a handful of points in the USHL.

Gagner was reportedly leaning towards Wisconsin, but it's nice for the Badgers to get him locked up. It should also give them the inside track for former teammate and friend Brendan Smith.

Along with Gagner, it was reported that Lincoln's leading scorer, Mike Davies will go to Wisconsin next year. Davies is a small player that should provide some offensive spark.

USHR also had a story today saying that Taft Prep forward Max Pacioretty has committed to Michigan. I can't say much about Pacioretty other than he earned a spot on the U18 team last summer. Michigan hasn't really recruited a major recruit from out East since Mike Woodford five years ago. Michigan has a long tradition of stealing good players from out East though.