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WCH's All-Underrated Team

Even the most casual of college hockey fans are familiar with guaranteed All-Americans like Marty Sertich, Brett Sterling, Matt Carle, and T. J. Hensick. So instead of piecing together another tired All-American team, I tried to piece together a team of underrated players that don't get as much attention as some of college hockey's stars, but that I think could compete against and possibly beat an All-American team. Call them the Un-Americans. Oh wait, that doesn't work. That doesn't work at all. Anyway, here's my team. Call them what you want.

F- Ryan Dingle, Denver

He's the Not Pavorotti or Domingo Guy from the Three Tenors on Denver's top line this season. He's also one of the countrie's best pure goal scorers.

F-Scott Parse, Nebraska-Omaha

He risks being thrown off the team if he continues leading the country in scoring and UNO keeps winning. He's quietly been one of the most productive offensive players in the country in each of his first three seasons.

F-Joe Pavelski, Wisconsin
You’d think a guy that scored 11 points in his first 5 college games and is averaging well over a point per game into his sophomore year would be more well-known. He’s Wisconsin’s most consistent scorer over the past two seasons and the guy they count on to get them points

D-Tom Gilbert, Wisconsin

He doesn’t put up the points like Matt Carle or Brian Salcido, but he does shut down the other team’s top line and blocks a ton of shots. He helps make life easy for Brian Elliott

D- Casey Borer- St. Cloud State

It’s tough to notice a guy that’s never scored a goal in his career, but Casey Borer is one of the best defensive defenseman in the game.

G-Jeff Jakaitis-Lake Superior

Jakaitis has never gotten the credit he deserves because he’s always played on such a bad team. But now that Lake Superior is starting to turn things around, people are starting to realize what a talented goalie the Lakers have.

F-Andrew Ebbett, Michigan
Ebbett has never been on the first line at Michigan, and doesn’t receive much attention because he doesn’t score many goals, but Ebbett does all the little things well and has been a great leader on a young Michigan squad.

F-Travis Morin, Minnesota State, Mankato

David Backes may have been the better choice from Mankato, but he’s a little too high profile. Morin deserves mention as one of the most underrated players in college hockey. He may not stand out much, but if you watch him closely, he does so many little things well to make his team better.

F-Bill Thomas, Nebraska-Omaha
Thomas is a great scorer that has performed well playing next to Scott Parse. There’s no telling how much damage he could do on a line with Ebbett and Morin.

D-Mitch Ganzak, Miami

Ganzak has only scored one goal in each of his two seasons, but has racked up a ton of assists. He’d be the perfect catalyst at the point for a powerplay.

D-Wes O’Neill, Notre Dame

O’Neill was a high draft pick, but a bit forgotten because he plays for such a bad team. He’s managed to put up good statistics on a bad team though.

G-Wylie Rogers, Alaska-Fairbanks

Fairbanks has had a lot of decent goalies over the past few years, but Rogers has given them one of the best in the CCHA. He’s helped steal some games for Fairbanks that they shouldn’t have won.

F-Joe Jensen, St. Cloud State
Nobody works harder than Jensen on the ice, and if penalties drawn was a statistic, Jensen would easily lead the country.

F-Alex Foster, Bowling Green
Foster does a great job at making his teammates better. Nobody in the west currently has more assists than Foster

F-Tim Stapleton, Minnesota-Duluth
Stapleton has played in the shadow of some talented players at Duluth, and now that he’s a senior, he’s continuing the tradition. He’s everything you’d want a senior to be.

D-Justin Fletcher, St. Cloud State

Though he’s been plagued by injuries, Fletcher is a very good offensive defenseman. When he’s healthy, he is like a fourth forward on the ice.

D-Steve Czech, Minnesota-Duluth
A solid veteran defenseman that is helping to anchor Duluth extremely young blueline. Not flashy, but he gets the job done.