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Vote for Hobey

The Hobey Baker Award committee has started their first round of fan voting. You can go here to sign up and vote for your favorite player(s).

Basically in the nomination stage you can nomiate as many players as you want, and everyone that gets 25 votes moves on to the next round. Denver's fans look to be the most active so far with 7 out of the top 8 vote-getters, no doubt by aided Let's Go DU's call to arms earlier today. Minnesota and Miami also seem to have some pretty active fans. Alaska-Fairbanks and Minnesota State don't even have rosters posted yet, so you can't vote for anybody from those teams.

The interesting thing to watch will be whether or not Michigan State will be able to drum up enough fan support to get their leading scorer past the nomination stage this year, after last year's leading scorer at that point, Colton Fretter fell 8 votes shy of the 25 mark.