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New Blogs Added

In a move that's been way long overdue, I finally added three very good blogs to the linklist on the sidebar.

The first is Elliot Olshansky's
Rink Rat blog that he's doing in conjuction with CSTV and College Hockey News. There's a ton of great information on there including some great audio interviews you can download. It's one of my favorite features at CHN, along with that delightful Second Thoughts column.

Another blog to check out is the GopherBlog which got started early last November. Before I get attacked, I'll point out that it's omission from my list was more laziness than bias. It's got pretty good information that is worth checking out.

Finally, St. Cloud Times hockey beat writer Kevin Allenspach has been keeping a hockey blog this season that keeps track of opinions and stats that don't make it into his articles.