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The Great Lakes Invitational

There's a bunch of holiday tournaments going on this week, but I'm only focusing on one of them.

The GLI starts tomorrow when Michigan faces off against Colorado College followed by Michigan State versus Michigan Tech.

The GLI got started in 1965 when Michigan Tech's legendary coach John MacInnes, along with the general manager of Olympia Stadium, a scout from the Red Wings, and the American Airlines Vice President decided to hold a holiday tournament so that more American players could be noticed by the NHL. Ironically, nowadays the best draft-eligble players usually miss the tournament due to the World Juniors.

Colorado College will be making their first GLI appearance since the very first tournament. It's likely that they'll do much better than their first trip though, as they lost to Toronto 6-2, and then lost 10-3 to BU in the third place game. The goalie for Colorado College that weekend gave up all 16 goals, which still stands as a record for the tournament, and later went on to transfer to North Dakota. He ended up making a nice career for himself in college hockey though. That goalie went on to become Wisconsin volunteer assistant/goaltending guru Bill Howard.

And now you know the rest of the story. Good day.