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College Hockey Roundtable Discussion #1

I've been looking for a chance to try and organize the college hockey blogosphere for some time now, and I think I've found the way. I sent out a series of 12 questions to just about every college hockey blog I could find on the web, along with a few non-blogging freelancers in hopes of having them answer some questions so we could find out where their team was at at about the midpoint of the season.

I've been pretty happy with the return so far, and there should be more responses coming in as the week progresses.

The award for most timely response goes to Let's Go DU, which has quickly earned the title of the EDSBS of college hockey world. If you asked the two or three people that understood that, they'd probably tell you that's pretty high praise. You can check out his responses for Denver here.

LSSU Hockey chimed in with their analysis of Lake Superior's surprisingly good start.

GopherBlog had me with a pretty solid analysis of the Gopher's season, right up to the point where he talked about Phil Kessel's fraudulent first collegiate goal on a penalty shot, which made me want to vomit.

Starting our breakdown of Minnesota-Duluth's season is USAFA Bulldog's review of the Bulldogs. It should also be noted that USAFA Bulldog proposed to his girlfriend last weekend, and she said yes. Please feel free to swing by his LiveJournal and leave him a message congratulating him on his good news. Congrats on landing an MSU,Mankato grad. That's what we like to call an upward move.

I decided to throw my own analysis in for Minnesota State, Mankato. Yes, I linked to something you can read by scrolling down a little. Wanna fight about it?

Bruce Ciskie has been a busy guy of late now that he's an OMG LEGITIMATE HOCKEY INSIDER-TYPE GUY, but he hasn't forgotten the little people, which is why he supplied his thoughts on Minnesota-Duluth for us.