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Around the World in 80 Somethings

Kevin Allenspach shared his thoughts on St. Cloud at the midway point, by answering our Roundtable Questions. It's pretty well-written, which isn't surprising since he actually writes about hockey for a living.

The Wisconsin Hockey Blog had an interesting post today on how many losses the Badgers can take in the second half of the season. He says that the Badgers can take about 5 losses in the WCHA in the second half and still be in good shape to win the league. That means the Badgers could have as many as two meaningless weekend series to close out the regular season.

Meanwhile, The GopherBlog discusses the race for second place. I agree with his assessment of the Gophers having the most favorable schedule. They're also the most talented team of the three competing for that second place spot.

Let's Go DU talks about Denver's RPI situation. He thinks Denver will need to win about 11 games in the second half of the season to be on the NCAA tournament bubble. That's not out of the realm of possibility since they won 11 in the first half of the season. I gotta disagree with what he said about Denver being favored against Miami, St. Lawrence, and Vermont. Those are all pretty solid teams that I think DU would struggle against. Denver has the talent to be an NCAA tournament team, but I don't think they showed it consistently enough in the first half of the season.

Sign number 1 that Team USA is going to be a veteran team: LSSU has the most alums on the US Olympic team. The US probably won't win anything at the Olympics this year, but at least they'll be providing a nice history lesson for younger fans.

Finally, just because I don't link to them enough, Michigan College Hockey has a number of nice articles about teams from all around the Great State.