College Hockey Rankings Round-Up: Still Minnesota...

Chaos among the top teams allowed Minnesota to stay number one despite a big loss on Sunday.

Here's this week's big board of college hockey rankings:

Rk SB Nation USA Today USCHO Buccigross Pairwise KRACH
1 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Providence Minnesota Minnesota
2 Providence St. Cloud St. Cloud St. Cloud
Providence Providence
3 St. Cloud Michigan Michigan Minnesota Ferris State Quinnipiac
4 Michigan Providence Providence Quinnipiac St. Cloud St. Cloud
5 Ferris State Quinnipiac Quinnipiac Michigan Michigan Michigan
6 Quinnipiac Boston College Ferris State
Boston College
Quinnipiac Ferris State
7 UMass-Lowell Ferris State Boston College UMass-Lowell Boston College Boston College
8 Boston College UMass-Lowell UMass-Lowell Nebraska-Omaha UMass-Lowell UMass-Lowell
9 Union Yale Yale Yale Clarkson Cornell
10 Miami Notre Dame Clarkson Ferris State
Cornell New Hampshire
Clarkson Notre Dame

Lake Superior Yale
Miami Wisconsin
Notre Dame Notre Dame
Wisconsin Miami
Union Union
Cornell Cornell
Yale Wisconsin
Nebraska-Omaha Union
Wisconsin Miami

Lake Superior
New Hampshire Bowling Green

Bowling Green Colgate

Nebraska-Omaha Clarkson

Minnesota-Duluth Nebraska-Omaha

New Hampshire
Miami Lake Superior

-With just about all of the top teams losing last weekend(or in St. Cloud's case, tying Colorado College, which feels like two losses), the vote for number one in the country was a lot less clear-cut. Minnesota was able to hold on to the top spot in every poll except the ESPN one, which...whatever. It looks to be case where there wasn't any one team that had enough consensus to take the top spot away from Minnesota. The Gophers probably didn't drop below #2 on most people's ballots, whereas St. Cloud may have gotten a lot of first places votes, but also a lot of votes in the #4 or 5 spot.

-The computer polls, which don't factor in how a team lost, also kept Minnesota at number one.

-If you vehemently hate the current NCAA regional system, or are just the type of person that wants to see the whole world burn, take note that Miami's pair of losses to Nebraska-Omaha dropped them to 20th in the Pairwise. The upcoming Midwest Regional in Cincinnati should have terrible attendance regardless, but logic dictated that at least the RedHawks would bring their 74 fans to avoid total embarrassment. If the RedHawks don't make the NCAA tournament, those games might as well be played on the moon because they would draw better. Miami plays their last two non-conference games of the season next weekend when they travel to Bemidji State, and two wins there would really get them back on track for the NCAA tournament.

-John Buccigross' poll has 8-6-0 Nebraska-Omaha ranked two spots ahead of 10-2-1 Ferris State.

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